magnetic wireless audio security headset

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Domestic delivery (within USA) is handled via USPS Priority or USPS Courier Express / EMS (stands for Express Mail Service).

International delivery is available through USPS Airmail and USPS Courier Express (EMS). It is considered that using a courier service for an international delivery is always preferred in order to avoid packages loss, damage or unpredictable delays.

For USPS EMS, an outside of USA transit is carried out by genuine EMS division of national postal service or by a partnering courier service. You can find out which company handles EMS packages in your country at the EMS corporate web site.

All services, both domestic and international allow on-line tracking of packages transit.

Shippings go from USA. Please allow enough time for international transit.


International retail

All shipments crossing international borders must be cleared through customs in a destination country. Any duties imposed by your country's customs office are your responsibility.

If orders are small quantities, fees for you are nothing. However, commercial quantities are subject to import fees and clearance paperwork. This is normal, you just need to understand local laws, regulations and know no fees thresholds.

Generally, no fees and clearance delays apply to non-business low value personal packages. The most of countries import regulations allow free of any import fees all shipments with value of merchandise up to a few hundred US dollars. According to USA import regulations, either personal or commercial merchandise with value up to $2000 USD received via national postal service (USPS airmail, USPS Global Courier Express / EMS) are eligible for so-called Informal Entry which means the easiest clearance procedure and no or low duties.

Outgoing parcels are declared as cell phone accessories or wireless headsets.

The number of headsets sent by us for retail personal international buyers in a one package is usually limited to 5 declared as for personal needs. Otherwise this can be considered as a commercial package and you will experience additional import fees and delays. Small wholesale international buyers are generally encouraged to order merchandise in separate smaller packages.

International wholesale

Customs clearance documents will be mailed at the time of shipment. Signed Commercial Invoice, Certificate of Origin, Packing List showing serial number, model and type of goods.