magnetic wireless audio security headset

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The principle.

There are two basic parts in the security kit: an ear unit (or two ear units) hidden deep in your ear canal(s) and a main electronic module of the headset normally in a pocket. The headset has a loop (i.e. an induction-type transmitter which sends signal to the earpiece). The loop is normally put on a neck. It can also be put though an arm, placed on a shoulder, put on an arm, on a chest, or on a back. The earpiece, in turn, receives the induction signal and emits sound directly into an ear drum. Additionally, the headset possesses a sensitive microphone, a beeper button (which is used to send a tone to communicate simple yes/no way or, perhaps, with a more complex code), a last number dialling/call pickup/call end button. The headset has a built-in rechargeable battery and has a socket for wall charger. The solution is fully wireless and Bluetooth compliant and works with a cellphone, a player, a walkie-talkie, etc.

Please study a drawing to understand an overall principle better.

Please see photos of this solution to understand it better.


The micro earpiece.

Two sizes of ear units (smaller and larger) are supplied with each audio security kit. The headset allows both biaural and monoaural application. A larger earpiece produces more sound output volume over a smaller earpiece. The best performance earpiece is anatomically dependent for each person.

Earpiece dimensions are: 0.24 inch (6.0 mm) diameter (smaller unit) and 0.28 inch (7.0 mm) diameter (larger unit). Both are 0.35 inch (9 mm) long.

The micro earpiece is designed to be put quite deep inside your ear canal. This hides it completely and positions close to the ear drum.

The micro earpiece is a passive vibration principle and has no opened sound cavity. That is why it is very reliable and lifetime warranty - it never experiences any cerumen (ear wax) fat blocks which is the most common problem of this industry and is the main reason of competitive products short-life, failure and frequent repairs.

The ear unit is a passive vibration unit, that is why it does not need any battery power.

The sound quality is music suitable clear, it does not noise at all. However, keep in mind, that this solution was originally designed to be used under normal room conditions. You should not expect an actual performance volume of the security kit to be the same loud as you, perhaps, got used to listening to music with stereo headphones. A neck position of the loop transmitter with biaural larger ear units application is music-lover loud volume. But a monoaural smaller earpiece with a farther loop transmitter placement will experience a trouble in a very noisy environment.

The micro earpiece body colour is black.

The ear unit has the strongest industry available neodymium alloy magnet core - it is removed from an ear easily with any metal stick.


The loop transmitter.

The loop transmitter is detachable and connects to the headset main module with a 3.5mm stereo plug.

The loop can be positioned on a neck, put though an arm, on a shoulder, on an arm, on a chest, or on a back. The neck position is preferable, because actual sound volume depends on a distance between the induction transmitter and the earpiece. Alternative transmitter placements offer greater latency, but provide less output power.

Symmetrical transmitter placement allows biaural listening. Asymmetrical is suitable for monoaural applications.

Monoaural asymmetrical applications may require the loop to be twisted two or three times to form a less diameter coil to make the magnetic field distribution more compact.

Monoaural asymmetrical applications may require a larger ear unit to be used.


The headset main board.

Control buttons.

The headset includes a power button, a Bluetooth control button (used for device pairing / call answer / call end / last number dialling), volume adjustment buttons.

A microphone.

The microphone is detachable and connects to the headset main module with a 2.5mm stereo plug.

The microphone is designed to be much more sensitive that in an average headset. You will be able to record a whisper from a few meters away in a silent room. The microphone is external, its wire allows to place it somewhere among clothes.

A beeper button.

The beeper button is detachable and connects to the headset main module with a 2.5mm stereo plug.

Beeper is a quite useful thing when you can not talk. It has a long wire which allows it to be positioned anywhere. Upon short pressing it sends virtual tones, which can be heard on the other side of a phone call.

The beeper button also acts as the Bluetooth control button analog. Its long press (over 5 seconds) acts the same way (call answer / call end / last number dialling). This is a quite useful thing when you can not press any buttons on the phone or can not press any buttons on the headset main module.


The headset is Bluetooth 2.1 compatible. This communicates two-way with a cell phone, player, walkie-talkie or any similar device with Bluetooth capabilities. Class 2 Bluetooth devices are rated up to 10 meters direct visibility range. Supported are HSP 1.2, HFP 1.5, A2DP 1.2, AVRCP 1.4 profiles.


The headset is powered with a built-in lithium-polymer rechargeable battery. Unlike competitive units, no external batteries are needed.

Charging is done with a universal 100-240V 50/60Hz wall adaptor, charging from fully discharged to fully charged state takes about 2-3 hours. Charging progress indicators on board.

At average voice application of the headset the power is enough for several hours of continuous duty operation. Several hours, not a few hours. This basically depends on the spectrum and loudness of the sound produced. Normal endless speech application at maximum volume is about 3 hours. Loudest possible music applications draw current excessively and are rated at about 1 hour. Standby time (when Bluetooth connected, but no actual call or playback present) is rated 48 hours.

Overall power efficiency, standby feature for power conservation is on board.