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S&L Works LLC
702 E.Simpson st #1190
Mechaniscburg, PA 17055

Sometimes this is needed to be able to communicate the way, when no one can notice that. A specialty audio security headset is required with something micro size hidden inside ear.

There is such a gadget! It functions the very same principle as a usual Bluetooth headset for a mobile phone, but nothing is near your ear and no wires are coming to the ear.

What is this?

The core of this wireless audio security technology is a passive magnetic vibration principle earpiece that hides inside ear canal completely with almost a double spare, unit size is as small as 0.24 inch (6 mm) in diameter and 0.35 inch (9 mm) long. Do not trust other sellers offering less size units: such units either do not exist, or are in fact larger, or are very low audio power.

Nobody can notice you have any ear piece watching directly at your ear from a close distance. Nobody can ever hear any sound produced by the ear piece from an outside.

Any license required?

This headset is NOT a special equipment according to US federal laws. Most of countries regulations prohibit the equipment intended for covert obtaining of an information owned by a 3rd party. Instead, this headset connects to your personal phone only, transmits/receives the information owned by you and openly directed to you. It does not require any license to purchase, own or use it.

What is that for?

- audio security,
- audio surveillance,
- conferencing,
- law enforcement,
- gaming,
- covert communications...

What does it consist of?

1) one or two micro ear units inside your ear canal(s),
2) an induction-type transmitter (this is a loop), you can place it on your neck (biaural application), or put on your chest or back, on a shoulder (monoaural), or pull through an arm, or put on an arm,
3) a sensitive microphone hidden somewhere in your clothes,
4) a beeper and a dialling button put normally under a feet toe,
5) the headset main electronic module in a pocket,
6) a Bluetooth cell phone, player, walkie-talkie or whatever somewhere near.

What are its advantages over competitive magnetic ear units?

- a really in-ear-canal micro ear unit;
- the loudest passive magnetic vibration headset in the market;
- no loop strictly required on neck, farther loop placements still alloy enough volume for applications, this makes a more covert solution possible;
- a music quality sound;
- a full wireless Bluetooth compatibility on board;
- a sensitive to whisper microphone;
- a soundless beeper button for simple yes/no communications;
- the last number dialling/call pickup with covert detachable button;
- a high capacitance rechargeable li-pol battery on board: power is enough for several hours (not a few, but several hours) of speaking application; no need in any external sources of power like 9V batteries, or whatever.

What are its advantages over competitive active (battery powered) ear units?

- the earpiece is very reliable with a lifetime warranty, it does not experience an ear wax problem, or a contacts oxidation problem;
- a magnetic earpiece headset has a very complex main pocket module, but a simple earpiece - this principle allows the smallest size ear unit;
- a lower self cost (but still a very quality product) makes it more attractive to resellers.

Is it safe to use?

- the earpiece is the strongest industry available neodymium allow magnet, it is removed from an ear easily with any metal object;
- the magnetic ear unit does not need a battery and you do not put any chemicals inside ear;
- the neck loop electro-magnetic field power is less than that of a cellphone, it is also softer, due to much lower frequencies;
- built-in rechargeable battery is balanced and overcurrent protected.

Who are you?

We are manufacturers of this product (original OEM). S&L Works LLC, registered and based in Pennsylvania, USA. Shipments originate from USA warehouse. We process both retail (small quantity) and wholesale orders. We can offer the lowest possible prices for resellers.


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